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One-Eyed Monster

Without giving too much away:  it involves aliens, a porn shoot in the dead of winter (of course in the middle of nowhere, and a one eyed monster (of sorts)…

Mel’s Official AHS Ranking

Anyone with a Netflix account and a love for anthology TV shows should be watching American Horror Story. With season ten upcoming (although we don’t know when), I thought I’d sit down and really put some thought into how I would rank all nine seasons of the show….

Welcome to Shark Week!

I admit it, I LOVE a really bad shark movie!  I’m not ashamed.  Every Shark Week I troll through the SY-FY channel to see what’s on.  They can always be counted on to give me something to watch.  The plotlines are ridiculous, the special effects are always awful and the acting usually leaves a lot to be desired.  And I couldn’t care less!….

Victorian Death Customs

Although we still wear black and dark colors today, we are pretty lucky that the rest of the customs faded away over time.  Though these customs were tradition back then, today we would consider them morbid AF and be totally freaked out if anyone suggested we do the same…..

The Soap-Maker of Corregio

She explained in detail what she did with the victims: 

“I threw the pieces in a pot, added seven kilos (around 15 pounds) of caustic soda which  I bought to make soap, and stirred the whole mixture until the pieces dissolved into a thick, dark mush that I poured into several buckets and emptied in a nearby septic tank….”