The Universal Monsters

Halloween week wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Universal Monsters! Where would horror movies be without them? They are the ancestors of the horror movie monsters…

True Crime

Arne Johnson – The Devil Made Me Do It

In 1981, the town of Brookfield, Connecticut, went through two huge historic moments. The first occurred in February when the town recorded its first ever murder. The second happened nine months later in November, when the defense of not guilty due to demonic possession was used during a trial for the first time…

Haunted Objects

Bela Lugosi’s Cursed Mirror

Bela Lugosi was one of the best parts of the Universal Monsters club. He was rumored to be obsessed with the occult, and to have used his mirror for scrying.. It has been said that his scrying opened a portal to the spirit world, and that the mirror is cursed…

Serial Killers

Ed Kemper Part 2 – The Co-Ed Killer

Okay, we all know that hitchhiking isn’t safe.   Even worse is getting into a strange man’s car when girls are disappearing and body parts are turning up all over. Unfortunately,  that’s exactly what was happening in California in the early 1970s…..that’s when The Co-Ed Killer started hunting….