The Museum of The Mummies

Have you ever heard about the Museum of the Mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico? If you’re easily upset or disturbed by death, please move on to the next article. It’s not often I see something that makes me stop for a minute. These are not the type of mummies you think they are…


Alexandre Aja

Alexandre Aja was born into the movie industry. His father was a French director and his mother was a film critic. It seems that the movie industry is in his blood. His entrance into the world of movies was small roles in his father’s movies…


Horror Tropes

Do you know what a trope is? Of course you do, you just don’t realize it. Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this somewhere before”? Chances are, you’re not wrong. A trope is a plot device. They’re used in every movie you watch…


The Amityville Horror – The Movie

“For God’s Sake Get Out”. The Amityville Horror was one of the movies that scared me to death when I was young. I was a good Catholic school girl and not into horror movies yet. I barely slept that night. Now I’m all grown up and my church is a good horror movie…

Haunted Houses

The Amityville Horror Part 2 – The Lutz Family

In January 1974 George and Kathy Lutz bought a house in Amityville, NY, and moved in with their three kids. Their realtor had already told them that it was the site of the DeFeo murders. After living there for twenty-eight days, the Lutz family packed a few bags, grabbed the family dog, and left. They left most of their belongings there and they never went back…


Movies for a Heatwave

When I wrote this it was hot! Here in New York, it was 97 degrees, but it felt like 104 with the humidity. The West coast was even hotter! So if you hide from the heat like me, or are recovering from a day of summer fun, here are some great summer movies to chill out to…



Snakker du norsk? If you don’t know what that means, you’re gonna need subtitles for this one! Bloodride is a Norwegian horror anthology series on Netflix. Bloodride is technically described as “chilling, yet jam-packed with humor, and set in a realistic, yet weird universe. A series for family members who enjoy eerie stories and are entertained by blood-curdling horror.”..

Haunted Houses

The Amityville Horror Part 3 – The Aftermath

After the Lutz family fled from the Amityville house, word of the haunting spread, and the media pounced. Who could pass up the story of a house that was the site of six murders and was now supposedly haunted? The public certainly couldn’t  (and neither would I). Public opinion, of, course, was divided…


The Heretic’s Fork

You screwed up, my friend. What were you thinking? Someone heard you speaking blasphemously against the church. And you over there…the one with the herbs hanging in the window. And you…are those freckles on your face? Is that red hair sticking you’re trying to hide? Nice try my friends, but not good enough!