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About Us

Scary Matter is run by dedicated fans of horror and true crime in all its forms.  Books, movies, documentaries, serial killers, cults, all things Halloween, and then some.  The hard work and creativity behind bringing a horror movie to life and the imagination that gives way to a great horror novel, that’s what gets our juices flowing.  We’ve lost countless hours down the rabbit hole of the mind of a killer. And sorry Christmas, but we all know that Halloween season is the most wonderful time of the year!

We put a lot of research into our site.  If we used another source for an article: check out the links we added.  We’re not here to steal someone else’s hard work!  We give credit where credit is due.  So whatever we used is obviously something we found interesting and informative and definitely worth reading for yourself.

Our opinion articles are just that: our personal opinion. Just because we didn’t love something doesn’t mean you will agree.  Insulting someone’s hard work is not what we do.  Even if we didn’t love it, check it out for yourselves.  You may end up discovering a new favorite.

We have a lot of Instagram accounts and online shops that we love and can’t wait to share with you.  Scary Matter is a huge supporter of small businesses, so please look around the shops we recommend and buy a little something (or a lot of something) if you can.

Please follow us on Instagram @scarymatter.  We hope as fellow horror lovers you’ll keep coming back for more.  And don’t forget the comment section!  Whether you agree or disagree with us, we’re all friends here – let’s chat!

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