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  • Chatting with actor Bill D. Russell
    Recently I had a lovely chat with actor Bill D. Russell. Bill has acted in movies such as Puppet Master: Doktor Death and Evil Lurks…
  • Scary Matter Meets Author Nathaniel Blackhelm
    Recently I was gifted a copy of Little Black Crimes by author Nathaniel Blackhelm.
  • Scary Matter Chats With Author Cody J. Thompson
    Bone Saw Serenade is the debut novel by author Cody J. Thompson. It’s a psychological thriller set in Seattle, Washington. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Cody J. Thompson about the book. 
  • Scary Matter Chats With Director Steve Merlo
    Recently I had the pleasure of talking to indie film director Steve Merlo @chainsaw_sawyer. His movie The Sawyer Massacre, an unofficial prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was released this October
  • Scary Matter’s interview with A&B Horror
    I asked hosts Ben and Aaron if they would be interested in being interviewed for Scary Matter. Not only did they graciously agree, but they suggested that we integrate the interview into an episode of their YouTube show..
  • Terror Talk Podcast
    The Terror Talk podcast is hosted by Shannon Sharee, a licensed therapist, and Cathy Barrett, a forensic psychologist. They use their psychological backgrounds to discuss true crime, criminal psychology, and horror with a touch of humor.