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Serial Killers

  • Tillie Klimeck – Psychic Serial Killer
    “You’re pretty near dead now”… Tillie Klimeck reportedly whispered in her husband’s ear. Not exactly the words of a loving, worried wife.
  • The Otaku Killer
    Tsutomu Miyazaki was a Japanese serial killer, who murdered little girls. He called the murders “an act of benevolence”…
  • Nannie Doss – The Giggling Grandma
    Grandmothers are the best! Nannie Doss was no exception. She was smart, sweet, funny, and caring. All of that aside, one of her most well-known skills was murder…
  • Andras Pandy – The Diabolical Pastor of Belgium
    Andras Pandy was a religious man. He traveled Belgium preaching about God and helping the unfortunate. He appeared to be a loving father. But behind the religion was evil. A rapist, abuser and killer masquerading as a man of God.
  • The California Witch Killers
    The couple that slays together, stays together? That has to be on a bumper sticker somewhere! If not, it will be! (You’re welcome whoever runs out and does it) Suzan and James Carson did their fair share of slaying together but in the end, weren’t able to stay together. Separate prisons have a tendency to do that to a couple….
  • The Sons of Sam
    I recently binge-watched The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness on Netflix. If you haven’t already watched it, I recommend it. It’s a fascinating four-part documentary. If you’re looking for an in-depth documentary about David Berkowitz a/k/a The Son of Sam a/k/a/ the .44 Killer, this isn’t it. The first episode is a recap of the case, and full of actual news broadcasts and interviews. This show is about a journalist named Maury Terry, and how his obsession with Berkowitz and the theory that he didn’t act alone, basically ruined his life…
  • Dorothea Puente
    Dorothea Puente was a sweet old woman that rented rooms in her house to elderly and disabled people. She was happy to take care of them, give them their meds, and even hold their hands if they needed it. Oh yeah, and she was also happy to murder them, bury them in her backyard, and steal their social security and pension checks…
  • Richard Cottingham – The Torso Killer
    Richard Cottingham did not have the traumatic childhood that’s usually associated with serial killers. He was born in the Bronx and moved to New Jersey when he was 12. He struggled a little after the move, but by high school, he had friends and was more social. He graduated, got a job, got married, and had kids. He appeared to be living a normal life, but was hiding a dark secret – he was a serial killer….
  • Belle Gunness a/k/a “Lady Bluebeard”
    Belle Gunness was not a typical female serial killer. The most common murder weapon of a female serial killer is poison (with a few exceptions). Although a female serial killer gets pleasure out of watching her victims slowly suffer and die, as a whole, their murders are less blood and guts than men. We like to keep things neat, what can I say?
  • Serial Killers Pt. 2 – Traits
    Have you ever wondered if someone you know is a serial killer?  I think at one time or another everyone has looked at someone and thought “Ok, that person is definitely a serial killer”.  How can you be sure?  Well, the FBI has some thoughts on the subject… PLEASE NOTE – If you have yet to check out Part 1 of this series on serials killers, you may want to start there first!
  • Ed Kemper Part 3 – Life In Prison
    Like I’ve said – Kemper is just fascinating.  On one hand, he had a horrible childhood that completely screwed him up and may have contributed to him becoming an uncontrollable killer.  On the other hand, he knew exactly what he was doing and why…
  • Ed Kemper Part 2 – The Co-Ed Killer
    Okay, we all know that hitchhiking isn’t safe.   Even worse is getting into a strange man’s car when girls are disappearing and body parts are turning up all over. Unfortunately,  that’s exactly what was happening in California in the early 1970s…..that’s when The Co-Ed Killer started hunting….
  • Ed Kemper – The Beginning
    Kemper is such a fascinating case.  There is so much that made him what he is, that is, that putting in in one post was impossible.  He is such a complex combination of a seemingly nice, friendly guy and evil….
  • The Dragon Lady
    Have you ever heard of The Dragon Lady?  No?? I’m surprised. She was one hell of a serial killer.  She killed her first five victims when she was 11. By the time she was done, she had murdered more than 20 victims, 11 of them were babies….
  • Serial Killers – Part 1
    I am fascinated by serial killers.  I’m not talking about whether or not they’re good looking, and I don’t think there is anything cool or admirable about their crimes.  It’s the psychology behind their crimes.  The things in their life that they say made them what they are….
  • The Soap-Maker of Corregio
    She explained in detail what she did with the victims:  “I threw the pieces in a pot, added seven kilos (around 15 pounds) of caustic soda which  I bought to make soap, and stirred the whole mixture until the pieces dissolved into a thick, dark mush that I poured into several buckets and emptied in a nearby septic tank….”
  • The Werewolves of Poligny
    Werewolves have been a staple in the horror genre and pop culture for a very long time. Whether it’s The Howling,  An American Werewolf in London, or the Twilight saga, these half-human, half-wolf creatures have captivated our attention for centuries. While these are some more well-known, fictional examples of werewolves, there’s a lesser-known werewolf tale that may actually be true.