• The Legend of Vampires
    What happened to all the vampires? How did they go from scary, soulless murdering demons to sappy, romance novel characters? People used to be terrified of them! They stayed in at night, hung garlic and crucifixes to keep them out, and stayed away from cemeteries and anyplace they thought one would be living. Now people fall in love with them. Where did vampires come from? Where did it all go wrong?
  • Charlie No-Face a/k/a The Green Man
    There’s a legend in Beaver County, Pennsylvania about a creature they call The Green Man. They say he’s got glowing eyes, green skin, and a horrible face….
  • The Anti-Santas
    Merry Christmas? Not always! Although we all wait for Santa to come down the chimney and shove all the crap we want under the tree, it isn’t  just Santa out and about in December…