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Meet the Team

MarlaOwner and CEO 

Marla loves nothing more than curling up with a good horror novel, inhaling gallons of popcorn while watching a scary movie, or delving deep into the mind of a serial killer.  Her love of horror comes from watching old horror movies on tv with her grandfather and reading Poe and Stephen King when she was young.  She is determined to make Halloween a monthly holiday.

MelStaff Writer/Researcher

Mel grew up watching horror thanks to her parents. She is a fan of horror, and serial killer psychology, and never passes up a good conspiracy theory.  She collects mini skeletons, loves ghost stories, and Halloween, and is always on the lookout for a good haunted house.  

Thomas –  Staff Writer/Researcher

Thomas is a passionate horror movie and serial killer documentary fan. His knowledge of horror and serial killers all over the world is extensive.  He’s a writer, and an avid reader of horror, true crime, and psychology.

Joe – Staff Writer

Joe is a horror fan, voracious reader and DVD collector. He has a special interest in the DVD deleted scenes, bonus features, and extras