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  • The Kansas Vampire Cult
    Sixteen-year-old Roderick Ferrell believed that he was a five-hundred-year-old vampire. He managed to form a coven of other teenagers.  In 1996, their search for immortality had deadly consequences…
  • The Order of the Solar Temple
    The Order of the Solar Temple was a doomsday cult that ended in the murder/suicide of seventy-four of its members in Switzerland and Canada in the 1990s on three separate days.
  • The Conscious Development Cult Part 1
    When Terri Lee Benson was four, she had a vision. She was sitting under a tree and three men in robes appeared out of nowhere. They said that she was the only one who could see them and that she could “do or be anything she wanted if she wanted it badly enough.” Terri believed them…
  • The Conscious Development Cult Part 2
    Terri Hoffman’s followers were devoted to her. They believed in her and they trusted her. Unfortunately, quite a few of the members either killed themselves or died in an accident
  • The Blackburn Cult
    Matilda May Otis Blackburn and her daughter Ruth Weiland Rizzio claimed to have visions of angels. The Blackburns formed a religious group called The Divine Order of the Royal Arms of the Great Eleven, a/k/a The Blackburn Cult…
  • Adolfo Constanzo’s Human Sacrifice Cult
    Constanzo and his cult were practicing black magic. They had removed fingers, toes, sex organs, and ears. Two bodies were missing their brains, and one had part of its spine removed. Constanzo was putting them into a Palo Mayombe cauldron called a nganga. He wanted to build his power and enhance his magic. He called himself “Kadiempembe’ the devil…
  • The Ant Hill Kids
    In 2011, former cult leader Roch Theriault was stabbed to death in prison. His murderer turned himself in and said “That piece of shit is down on the range. Here’s the knife, I’ve sliced him up.” Sounds brutal, right?
  • The Family
    Two decades of fraud, child abuse, illegal substance use, and prepping for the end of times were brought to an end only after one member escaped and told the police all about “The Family.” And oh, there was a lot to tell.