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True Crime

  • Anatoly Moskvin – The Doll Maker
    Anatoly Moskvin had a strange collection. There were life-size dolls scattered around his apartment. It turned out that they were the mummified corpses of dead girls…
  • Crazy Christmas Crimes
    It’s finally December. The most wonderful time of the year, they say. I think “they” are out of their damn minds! Check out these people that took being naughty to a whole new level: 
  • Murderabilia
    People love to collect stuff. Stamps, coins, rocks- you name it and there’s probably someone who collects it. Some people collect memorabilia from important moments in their life. Murderabilia is something completely different. Murderabilia is items related to murders and the people who commit them. And there’s a huge market for the stuff…
  • Great True Crime Channels on YouTube
    YouTube has over 30 million channels that show you anything from how to keep bees to how to build your own house… luckily there are many channels that focus solely on true crime and serial killers…
  • Arne Johnson – The Devil Made Me Do It
    In 1981, the town of Brookfield, Connecticut, went through two huge historic moments. The first occurred in February when the town recorded its first ever murder. The second happened nine months later in November, when the defense of not guilty due to demonic possession was used during a trial for the first time…
  • The Lake Bodom Murders
    There is constant speculation that The Lake Bodom Murders, Finland’s most famous unsolved murders, was the inspiration for the original Friday the 13th.  The movie’s producers say no.  Other than the fact that both involved camping teenagers and murder, there aren’t really any other similarities, but once a rumor like that gets started, there’s no stopping it.