• Horror Movies – The Beginning
    Have you ever seen the first horror movies? Grainy, black and white, by today’s standard not even the tiniest scare to be found! However, if you think about the time period, and the fact that the motion picture itself was brand new and still kind of creeped people out, it’s no wonder they were so easily scared. Did you ever wonder where it all started?
  • Ancient Egypt and Horror
    Mummies, curses, rituals, and the gods.  The mysteries and mythology of Ancient Egypt were practically made for a horror story…
  • One-Eyed Monster
    Without giving too much away:  it involves aliens, a porn shoot in the dead of winter (of course in the middle of nowhere, and a one eyed monster (of sorts)…
  • Welcome to Shark Week!
    I admit it, I LOVE a really bad shark movie!  I’m not ashamed.  Every Shark Week I troll through the SY-FY channel to see what’s on.  They can always be counted on to give me something to watch.  The plotlines are ridiculous, the special effects are always awful and the acting usually leaves a lot to be desired.  And I couldn’t care less!….
  • Who is Willy Wonka REALLY??
    Ok, let me start by saying that I love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I always have and I always will.  HOWEVER, that being said, I’m pretty sure that it’s a horror movie in disguise.  And he and his Oompa Loompas may or may not be murderers.  What the hell is an Oompa Loompa anyway?????
  • Sid Haig- Icon of Horror Cinema
    Who would have thought that an awkward California boy who took dancing lessons as a kid would grow up to be Captain Spaulding??
  • Summer Fun Movies
    Since most of us aren’t able to do the things we used to, I thought I would try to help.  Here’s a list of some fun summertime horror movies.