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Great True Crime Channels on YouTube

Great True Crime Channels on YouTube

YouTube has over 30 million channels that show you anything from how to keep bees to how to build your own house. Neither of these things are in my area of interest,  but luckily there are many channels that focus solely on true crime and serial killers. Some tell tales of gruesome crime, and some dive into the pathology of the criminal mind. Whatever aspect you are into, there are hours upon hours of material just waiting for anyone that has a couple of hours of free time on their hands. Here are 5 channels that I love:

  • Serial Killer Documentaries – youtube.com/c/Popularvideosaroundtheworld – Not the most imaginative name, but it serves its purpose. This channel releases profiles on serial killers and the timeline of their crimes. Their library has hours of material for your consumption. 
  • Dr. Todd Grande  – youtube.com/c/ToddGrande – Dr. Grande’s youtube channel is focused on a couple of things: he covers true crime cases and serial killers and gives psychoanalytical theories on which personality disorders the meanest of the meanest suffer from. He also has videos that cover anti personality disorders and other stuff in the area of fringe personalities, as well as celebrities and other weird cases in pop culture. Dr. Grande has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and is a licensed mental health counselor and chemical dependency counselor. He posts frequently and has a huge library of content. 
  • Jim Can’t Swim– Criminal Psychology – youtube.com/c/JCSCriminalPsychology – An odd name, but it does not reflect their content. This channel consists of a team of criminal psychology majors that focuses mainly on interrogations of murder suspects. The production value is high and the videos are insightful. This channel does not post videos very frequently and their library isn’t that big, but if you really like their stuff you can go over to Patreon and support them with a dollar to get hours of content. (Scarymatter has no affiliation with this channel) 
  • True Crime Dailyyoutube.com/c/TrueCrimeDaily – True crime daily is one of the biggest true crime YouTube channels there is, with over 4.3 million subscribers. This channel focuses on every aspect of true crime and as the title of the channel says, you will get new content daily. Their library is vast and there is something for everyone and anyone fascinated by true crime stories. 

Real Crime – youtube.com/c/RealCrime – Like True Crime Daily, this channel focuses on all aspects of true crime. They have shows that are licensed through various tv channels and have an agreement to show their true crime documentaries on their YouTube channel. They release new content three times a week and have a huge library of documentaries.