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Scary Shopping Spree

Scary Shopping Spree

I would absolutely decorate my house like a Halloween attraction if I had the money. I do have some creepy stuff out all year long, but I could technically be a lot worse.  If you love to decorate your place with unusual or horror-themed things, stuff to instill fear in the hearts of your company, or just make a ghost feel right at home,  check these guys out!

  • Nightmaretoys.com – This is a great site.  Especially for us Halloween lovers!  I’ve shopped there myself.  It’s run by a woman exactly like me and I love that!  They have everything you could want for a great haunted house, or just a trick or treat around the neighborhood.  They have some great horror collectibles and other fun things too.  I highly recommend checking them out.  Follow them on Instagram too, I do. @nightmaretoys
  • Professor Tooth’s Odditorum – A wonderful and very different site for lovers of true crime and old monsters.  He makes these fabulous display coins and pins.  And he makes a Pogo the Clown snow globe.  I know someone who has it and he thinks it’s fantastic.  He’s got some great tees and a few other goodies as well.  I’ve shopped the site myself and he was more than helpful.  Totally worth a look around.
  • odditiesforsale.comThis site is amazing! I couldn’t stop looking at it. Such great, creepy stuff. They sell things like real animal bones, occult items, decorative skulls, and some really wild and creepy vintage pieces. If you’re looking for something to really creep people out, then definitely check this site out. Follow them on Instagram @odditiesforsale
  • etsy.com/shop/zombieartshopworldZombieArtShopWorld isn’t just zombies! They’ve got horror-themed decor, prints, and tees. to name a few. Really great stuff. Check out the Leatherface bottle. (unless I manage to buy it first!) Their stuff will definitely spook up your home, and your body! Follow them on Instagram @zombie_art_shop_merch
  • https://moldycreations.myshopify.com/So many teeth!!! Doorknobs, magnets, small home decor, mugs, grinders. They have a little bit of everything. All creepy, toothy smile themed. Several people that I showed this site to all had the same response, “OMG that stuff is awesome!”. I highly recommend checking it out. Follow them on Instagram @moldy.creations
  • L’esquelet.com – I discovered them on Instagram.  They have a great selection of home decor, including these arsenic and cyanide shakers that I’ve had my eye on.  They have some great jewelry and a selection of books too.  Their shop is very unique.  You should really give them a visit.  Follow them on Instagram @l’esquelet.

Keep checking back with us.  I’ll be recommending more great places to shop.  If you run your own shop, or have a cool site you think I should check out, email me your information.    I’ll give you a write up in a future post.  Maybe I’ll even buy something for myself!