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Hell Shall Make You Fear Again

I recently read Hell Shall Make You Fear Again by Jack Finn. I really enjoyed it! Everyone knows that I love short stories and this book did not disappoint! The stories are a mix of nature, history, mythology, monsters, and the old ways—all of my favorite things. 

Omaima Nelson

If you live with someone who owns a deep fryer – you may want to read this. You don’t want to piss them off and end up as dinner. Don’t roll your eyes. It’s happened before. Just ask Omaima Nelson’s former husband…

Our Black Hearts Beat As One

I love when an author surprises me. And that’s exactly what Brian Asman did with Our Black Hearts Beat as One. I’ve read some of his work, mostly horror and horror comedy. This was a different side of Brian Asman.

The Allure of Pre-Code Horror

The term “Pre-code” refers to movies made after silent films became “talkies”, and before the  Motion Picture Production Code (MPPC) took full effect. The MPCC set the guidelines for what could be shown in films….

Deep Blue Sea

In 1999’s Deep Blue Sea, a team of Alzheimer’s researchers learns the valuable lesson not to fuck with nature. Using an underwater laboratory, biologist Susan McAlester studies shark brains’ use to fight Alzheimer’s. She very unethically genetically alters the sharks’ brains to make them larger…

Jaws 2 – Here We Go Again!

Martin Brody should never have moved to Amity! He just can’t get away from those sharks. I’m sure he never thought he would have to deal with a murderous shark in his life…let alone two! And yet we find him ready to do battle again! In honor of the forty-fifth anniversary of Jaws 2, I couldn’t let Shark Week pass without talking about it…

Ghost Shark

One of our other favorite “so bad it’s good” movies is 2013’s Ghost Shark. I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite shark movies. A bunch of Rednecks kill a shark to win a contest.   Somehow its ghost comes back for revenge. A group of teenagers gets together with an old lighthouse keeper (Richard Moll) to try and stop it.