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The European Werewolf Trials

You’ve all heard about the Salem Witch Trials, but how much do you know about the European Werewolf Trials?  Before the witch hysteria started to spread, the fear of werewolves took hold of Europe – fueled by superstition and rumor…


Häxan (Witch) is such a fascinating film! And very much underappreciated. The 1922 silent film is part documentary and part fiction with a little comedy mixed in about the evolution of witchcraft. ..

The History of the Witch

Witches don’t fly around on brooms, eat babies, or worship Satan. They are healers and caretakers. They always have been. So where did it all go wrong? To answer that we have to take a look at the history of the witch. 

Shark Week

Get ready my friends – Shark Week 2022 is coming! The Discovery Channel has been hard at work preparing an entire menu to satisfy its viewers. They’re ready to satisfy our every shark-related craving. 

Creepy Dolls

Why are dolls always possessed by evil angry spirits? The more real a doll looks, the creepier it seems. Why do some people find them so creepy, you ask?

The Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle is yet another torture device invented by some fucked up guy back in medieval times.  (Although there is always speculation as to when these things were really invented.) . It seems that devices for torturing a person’s sexual organs were a particular favorite…