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More Scary Shopping

More Scary Shopping

I do my fair share of online shopping (or at least online window shopping).  And as I’ve said before, I love to do as much of that shopping at small businesses.  Between the internet and Instagram, I have a long list of shops I love and things I want.  Sadly I want WAY more than I can afford!  But that’s why my computer has a bookmark bar. So get those bookmark bars ready and I’ll share my latest shopping discoveries!

  • Darkothica.com – I love unique stores like Darkothica!  I haven’t seen anything on their site that is being sold in other stores.  They have a small, but varied selection of products.  Things like bedding and pillows, home decor, candles, and some awesome door knockers!  And they have this amazingly beautiful fall themed fleece blanket that I am insanely in love with!  It is my new obsession and I must have it!!!!  Follow them on Instagram @darkothica
  • Creepy candles – If you love horror and candles, this is the shop for you. According to their Etsy bio, it all started with a life size hand candle that bleeds as it melts.  It went viral and they were off and running! They have things like spines, coffins, and zombies. They’re pretty cool! Follow them on Instagram @creepycandles.
  • Psycho Soaps – This is a great idea! Forget all those decorative flower shaped soaps. These are soaps with a twist! Horror, serial killers, and some cute stuff thrown in there too. The perfect accessory for your sink.
  • Throwbacks Store – This shop is great. She makes stuff to hang on your walls and ornaments for next year’s tree. The products are ink transferred onto wood. Very different from the traditional horror prints, and everything is handmade. Follow her on Instagram @throwbacksstore.

  • Dead Dave Designs – Do you want something really cool for your kitchen? Well this is the place. Horror themed knives? I would like all of them please! Some for display and some are usable.  They also have coasters, cutting boards, and other unique things. Follow them on Instagram @deaddavedesigns, follow our link to their website, and check out their Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeadDaveDesigns?ref=shop_sugg