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Haunted Objects
The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man is supposedly one of the most haunted objects around. No one knows the name of the artist that painted it. The backstory is that the artist mixed his blood with the paint and that he committed suicide soon after he painted it. The artist is also supposed to have had mental problems, was possibly schizophrenic, and had an interest in the occult. It is believed to have been painted in the late 70s or early 80s. The painting belongs to a man in England named Sean Robinson.  It originally belonged to his grandmother, and she gave it to him before she died.

Mr. Robinson said that the person who gave his grandmother the painting told her the story behind it.  The Robinson family story goes like this: Mr. Robinson’s grandmother didn’t like the painting and knew it was supposed to be cursed. She didn’t like it, so she kept it in her attic, or in a shed in her garden. She said she felt that it was evil.  Sean knew the story of the painting but accepted it anyway. He stored it in his basement. In 2009, there was a flood in the basement that damaged everything down there…..except the painting. Sean once even tried to sell it, hoping to find the owner.

The painting was kept upstairs after the flood, and that’s when Sean and his family started hearing strange noises in the house. Sean said he was once surrounded by black smoke and on another occasion, he saw a figure sitting on the end of his bed. He decided to set up a camera and record any other activity.  He has captured doors closing, moving lights and mist, and the painting even fell once.  He has the videos posted on his YouTube channel. Here’s the link if you want to check them out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrYzbg6sbSPR_G1WzVKo5hA?feature=emb_ch_name_ex

One day Sean’s son told him that something had tried to push him down the stairs. The painting has been locked away ever since.

Over the years The Anguished man has been examined by many different mediums, of course with different results. They have said that the artist was either a tortured soul or a prisoner of war. They have felt bad feelings and/or sorrow. One said the painting may have been used in some sort of ritual. The Anguished Man has also been taken out to medium events to be studied and exposed to the public. The people that see it have all said they have felt something supernatural attached to it.  At one event there were reports of a dark figure materializing, and of furniture moving by itself.

Sean was interviewed in 2017 by Charlene Lowe Kemp, of Paranormal Hauntings, and she had the chance to see The Anguished Man for herself.  Check out her impression of the painting here https://paranormalhauntings.blog/2020/05/07/a-meeting-with-the-anguished-man-painting-the-worlds-most-haunted-painting/