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Best Halloween TV Episodes

Best Halloween TV Episodes

So your costumes are set, the house is all spooky, and you have plenty of candy. Before you know it, Halloween is over.  Now what? We have the same problem here. After a long day of being spooky – sometimes you just want to veg out and unwind with something funny. Don’t worry – we have you covered. We started talking and the next thing you know, we were listing our favorite Halloween tv shows. This is the official list of Scary Matter’s favorite episodes:

  • Parks and Rec “Greg Piktis” (S2, E7) – Leslie is out to catch a high school kid that she thinks vandalizes a statue every Halloween. She gets her cop boyfriend Dave and Andy to help. Meanwhile, Ann throws a party that needs a little help.
  • The Office “Costume Contest” (S7, E6) – What’s not to love? It’s The Office!  The only thing better than The Office is their Halloween episodes.  Everyone is super competitive  The prize is a coupon book that’s supposedly worth $15,000. The costumes are great and the cast is perfect as always.
  • Bob’s Burgers “Full Bars” (S3, E4) – This is another one of my favorite shows!! The Belcher kids head out to a rich part of town to get full-size candy bars. But first, they have to get past a group of rich bullies. Bob and Linda go to a party at Teddy’s, but someone kills his hamster. And Teddy wants to know who did it.
  • Family Guy “Halloween on Spooner Street” (S9, E4) – Stewie gets his candy stolen his first time Trick or Treating. Meanwhile, Joe and Peter are trying to prank Quagmire, while Meg and Chris go to a Halloween party. Things do not go well. There are a lot of politically incorrect jokes that add to the fun. One scene in particular cracks me up way more than it should!!
  • The Animaniacs “Draculee, Draculaa/Phranken Runt (Season 1, E29) – Wakko, Yakko, and Dot head to Pennsylvania, but end up in Transylvania (of course).  They go to Dracula’s castle and Dracula tries to bite Dot. The Warner Brothers and their sister behave exactly as you would expect and Dracula is not happy!  Then in part two, Rita and Runt end up at Phrankenstein’s castle. Runt ends up a prisoner, and Rita goes on a mission to save him.
  • American Dad “The Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls”  (S6, E3) – After Fran tells Stan that the neighbor’s haunted house is better than his, Stan goes to Roger for help. They build a cell in the basement and put five serial killers in it. Fran is unimpressed, so Roger pulls Fran’s dress off and lets the killers loose!
  • Community “Epidemiology” (S2, E6) – Greendale is having a Halloween Party.  Dean Pelton serves old military rations at the party. He didn’t notice that one of the boxes is labeled “Biohazard”. Everyone starts to feel sick and gets high fevers. Once the fever gets too high they turn into zombies. 
  • South Park “Pinkeye” S1, E7 – Kenny dies (again) at the beginning of the episode. Before he’s embalmed, some Worcestershire sauce spills and mixes with the embalming fluid. It turns Kenny into a zombie. He bites the guys working there and off he goes. A doctor diagnoses the bitten employees with pink eye. They leave his office and turn into zombies. The zombie apocalypse has begun!
  • The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror V” (S6, E6) – Part one is based on The Shining. Picture Homer Simpson as Jack Torrence. In part two, Homer keeps going back in time and changing the future. In part three, Principal Skinner is taking the kids that get detention and using them as cafeteria food. Yum!
  • Psych – Here’s the thing…this is one of my absolute favorite shows. I’ve seen every episode too many times to count. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Peacock. Go watch every episode ASAP! Then let’s talk about Pineapples! Psych doesn’t technically have “Halloween episodes”, but they do it in a roundabout way. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, so I’m going to have to be annoying and list a few:
    • “Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast (S1, E15) – A woman committed suicide on Halloween, and now her ghost is haunting a sorority. Maybe…
    • “Tuesday the 17th” (S3, E15) – It’s inspired by Friday the 13th. A counselor goes missing at Gus and Shawn’s old summer camp. An old former camper is reopening it, but someone is killing people. Can they survive and catch the killer?
    • “In Plain Fright” (S5, E11) – There’s a murder at a haunted amusement park. Shawn sees it happen, but no one believes him. Now a ghost is a “suspect.
    • “This Episode Sucks” (S6, E3) – Lassie meets a girl, but she may be a vampire! People are having all their blood drained out and there’s a break-in at the blood bank. The episode co-stars Kristy Swanson (Buffy in the Buffy the Vampire movie), and there’s a cameo by Corey Feldman.
    • “Heeeeere’s Lassie (S6, E11) – It’ sort of The Shining and with a cameo from Rosemary’s Baby. Lassie moves into a new apartment and gets possessed. The crazier he gets, the funnier the episode gets.


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