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Let’s Buy Some Dolls!

Let’s Buy Some Dolls!

Ok – I may have gone a bit too far down the creepy doll rabbit hole. I can’t help myself – creepy dolls are fun. They’re a great conversation piece, a good addition to Halloween decorations, and of course – perfect for horror movies. Do you want to own one that looks possessed? If you do, I found some great places to get yourself some:

  • ZombieDollzStore – Based in Minnesota, their tagline is “Lost and abandoned objects brought back from the dead. Art created with an obsessive passion for horror and creativity”. There is definitely horror and creativity in these dolls! They look like they were probably creepy enough to begin with – but ZombieDollz went the extra mile on these. You can follow them on Instagram @zombie-dollz.

  • Asylumbabies – “Doll creator and artist of the dark side with a creepy twist” This Australian shop is the perfect place to get your little one a baby doll! Gotta start them early. There isn’t a lot on the Etsy page at the moment. Follow them on Instagram @asylumbabies to see their work and get updates.

  • WickedWondersDesign – Visit their Etsy store and “Maybe you’ll leave with a new friend”.  This New York shop takes an innocent doll and gives it the creepy treatment that we all love.  And maybe grab one of their creepy pieces of art while you’re there. Check them out on Instagram too @wickedwondersdesign

  • Thanatoys – They’re fuzzy and a little evil. This UK-based store has something for everyone to creep up your day. They have fuzzy friends, creepy jewelry, animatronics, and friends to sit on your nightstand and watch you while you sleep. Watch out for their teeth – I can’t promise they don’t bite. Hit them up on Instagram @thanatoys.

  • Connie’sCreepyCorner – This Canadian artist creates “one of a kind gothic, creepy, horror, fantasy, bloody REBORN DOLLS”. After scrolling through their eBay site I think that’s an accurate description. They not only sell dolls, but they have creepy drinkware, backpacks, shirts, wall art, and more. When you’re done checking those out give them a follow on Instagram @connies_creepy_corner.

I hope you find some new friends. I don’t think they’re possessed, but I make no promises!!

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