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This One’s Gonna Hurt

I just finished plowing through This One’s Gonna Hurt, the second novel by Cody J. Thompson. (Check out our review of his debut novel, Bone Saw Serenade, if you haven’t already)  His first novel was a psychological thriller, This One’s Gonna Hurt is straight up no joke-slasher heaven!

The Centrahoma Poltergeist

Bill and Maxine McWethy, their eighteen-year-old daughter Twyla, and her daughter, Desiree were living a quiet life in Centrahoma, Oklahoma. Until one day in the summer of 1990 when a poltergeist named Michael moved in with them. And made himself at home…

Bone Saw Serenade

Bone Saw Serenade is a psychological thriller that takes place in Seattle. Two old friends from high school, Charlie and Emma, reunite after many years. Then one day Emma’s husband Eddie disappears.