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The Drake Hotel

Brothers John and Tracy Drake came from a hotel family.  So it was no surprise to anyone that they built a hotel as magnificent as Chicago’s Drake Hotel. It was located right between a residential area and a commercial area. The Drake opened in 1920 and quickly became one of Chicago’s hot spots.

Simon Sue and the New Year’s Day Murders

On December 31, 2019, 15-year-old Tony Dutcher was very excited. He was spending some time with his grandparents as he had done for years. On January 1st, Carl and Joanna Dutcher’s family were surprised when they didn’t call to say Happy New Year as they always do. So they called the police…

Have a Scary Christmas

I watch horror movies all year long. The thing I don’t do for some reason is watch Christmas horror movies during the year. Since the Christmas season is here, I decided to start watching them.