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Bang Bang Baby

“What the hell am I watching and why do I like it?” I repeated to myself several times when I watched Bang Bang Baby for the first time. But good or bad, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need something that doesn’t take itself too seriously…

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Ask any horror fan or read any list of the scariest movies, and chances are that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is at the top of just about all of them. It really shook me when I first saw it! It was released in 1974 and was masterfully directed by the late Tobe Hooper…

The Universal Monsters

Halloween week wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Universal Monsters! Where would horror movies be without them? They are the ancestors of the horror movie monsters…

The Story of “The Shape”

Of all the slashers in all the horror movies, Michael Myers (a/k/a “The Shape”)  is the one closest to my black little heart.  He’s the OG.  No one, not even Dr. Loomis, is quite sure what happened to him.  How he went from adorable little trick or treater to killer….

One-Eyed Monster

Without giving too much away:  it involves aliens, a porn shoot in the dead of winter (of course in the middle of nowhere, and a one eyed monster (of sorts)…

Welcome to Shark Week!

I admit it, I LOVE a really bad shark movie!  I’m not ashamed.  Every Shark Week I troll through the SY-FY channel to see what’s on.  They can always be counted on to give me something to watch.  The plotlines are ridiculous, the special effects are always awful and the acting usually leaves a lot to be desired.  And I couldn’t care less!….

Summer Fun Movies

Since most of us aren’t able to do the things we used to, I thought I would try to help.  Here’s a list of some fun summertime horror movies.