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House Arrow Blu-ray

If you are going to show your kids a horror film for the first time…this is the one to show them. I think that is the perfect way to sum up 1985’s House, the next movie on my list of 1980s horror everyone should see, and Arrow Video makes it easy to enjoy with their terrific HD release. 

The Kansas Vampire Cult

Sixteen-year-old Roderick Ferrell believed that he was a five-hundred-year-old vampire. He managed to form a coven of other teenagers.  In 1996, their search for immortality had deadly consequences…

Young Frankenstein

There’s nothing better than a good horror parody and Young Frankenstein (1974) is one of the best. It’s a Mel Brooks movie, so how can it not be? 

Stuart Gordon

Stuart Gordon exploded onto the horror scene in 1985 with Re-Animator. He was a breath of fresh, weird-as-hell, and  controversial air. His work has reached cult favorite status.

The Ghost of Nell Cropsey

Nell Cropsey disappeared off of her front porch in 1901. Residents say that Nell is still so unhappy about her death that her spirit cannot rest and haunts her family’s property to this day…

Haunted -Chuck Palahniuk

Haunted is a different kind of book. It’s dark, twisted, weird, disgusting, and graphic. Don’t read this if you don’t like descriptions of graphic violence and weird, sexual scenes…